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Our Story

ecom industries is a software engineering company that will help your business execute an effective digital transformation strategy so that you can realize the same success that you see happening in the technology space every day

We will help you build machine learning and real-time automation solutions that help you generate more revenue by turning your manual processes into a repeatable, and automated system with predictable and monetized results; at Scale.

Our goal is to guide you through the fast paced digital landscape and to help you mitigate the cost and risk of developing new technology. 

We will help you build a sustainable business and teach you what it means to Scale in an online environment, with effective advertising and automated sales strategies.

We will bolt on our technology infrastructure quickly, to give your small business the same advantage that Big Tech takes advantage of; we help you level the playing field.


Simple Digital Transformation

Sustainable Results

Machine Learning & Ai

Machine Learning & Ai

Transform your business with cutting-edge machine learning & AI development. Our expert team will design & implement real-time solutions to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and provide valuable predictions to maximize your potential with AI.

Web3 Payments

Web3 Payments

Empower your transactions and reach a wider audience with Web3 payments & solutions. Enjoy lower fees, faster transactions, and increased security. Join the future of finance and unlock the power of DeFi with Web3 and decentralization.

App Development

App Development

Take advantage of automation & scale that software will give to your business; the impact of a user-friendly frontend design, global payments, data aggregation and community building is the key to becoming the next unicorn.

FinTech & Payment Integrations

FinTech & Payment Integrations

Empower your financial operations with fintech development using a trusted provider. With expertise in enterprise software deployment and payment integrations, our team will deliver innovative solutions to drive sustainable growth & monetization to help you invest in your future with fintech.

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Innovation Working For You

It has to make sense

We share our infrastructure, our expertise, and our technology to help you achieve your dreams. 

We guide you and show you what works, and where the road blocks are. Technology has to make your life easier, if it’s too complicated then it doesn’t work.

We build innovation on top of existing businesses that already work; business is as old as the hills and we just help you evolve to improve and automate the manual system you already have working.

Successful technology is simple technology.

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