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Bitcoin Payments

Connect your business to the Blockchain terminal & Subscribe to start processing payments on the blockchain now.

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Easy Setup

Bitcoin Payments Powered By ECOM Industries provides payments buttons, a hosted checkout, and embeddable invoices for your website. Bitcoin Payments also works with NFC Card Integrations & we can provide users the same Credit Card-like experience consumers already know and love.

Zero Price Volatility

Bitcoin Payments Powered By ECOM Industries shields you from the price volatility of the cryptocurrency markets. You get every dollar or euro that you charge, minus 0%. We settle to dollars instantly.

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Faster Payments Settlement

Bitcoin Payments Powered By ECOM Industries can use local bank transfers to settle funds via ACH and within 24 hours.

Receive Customer Stats And Figures

View returning customers’ purchase history in a quick glance and provide a more personalized experience for each customer. Your existing ECOM Dashboard tracks data like total customers, revenue, and top spenders. You can even compare average spend and visits from existing versus first-time customers.

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