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The brand new BATMFour incorporates feedback from our customers and their requirements. The beautiful and sleek design saves space and is an attractive focal point for any location. It is designed to be self-standing and can be mounted to the floor for extra security. The BATMFour is the ideal choice for your Bitcoin, cryptocurrency or blockchain-token project. The platform contains our most innovative features. BATMFour is our newest BATM based on the same features as the BATMThree platform. Bidirectional (cash to crypto, crypto to cash). Individual configuration. Distributes coins from wallet or crypto exchange. Color changing neon lights catch the attention of people walking by.

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BATMFour Benefits

Bitcoin ATMs provide a way for customers to buy or sell cryptocurrency in a simple and secure way. The new generation of BATMFour platform offers individual configuration allowing you to choose only what you need.

Flexibility Is Key

Depending on your selection, the BATMFour can be unidirectional (cash to cryptocurrency) or bi-directional (converting cash to cryptocurrency and/or cryptocurrency to cash), one of the new trends in the cryptocurrency industry. You can also choose from extended options like NFC capabilities or a GSM tracking alarm. Included is a thermal printer for printing wallets and receipts (paper roll can be ordered from us). Flexibility is key!

Intuitive Server: CAS

This server software allows you to exchange and buy back coins, and manage your wallets, configuration, fleet management, and much more.

NFC Cards

The BATM machine issues the customer an NFC card containing the bitcoin private key. The customer can later use this card as a bitcoin wallet to receive and send bitcoins by placing the card on an NFC reader. Additionally, we offer ATM operators card branding services which make the card not only a wallet, but also a business card. Cards can also be used as a payment tool with our Point of Sale terminal or used with multiple android applications.

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